The Drama Of Steel

by CuSO4

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released February 21, 2013

All sounds sourced from The Drama Of Steel (1946) by Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines

Editing: a.mcdonald



Track Name: The Drama Of Steel
Millions of tons of structural shapes are used in the frameworks of skyscrapers, factories, bridges, ships, railways, cars, and other structural purposes. Such is the drama of steel. From the primitive furnaces...
Track Name: Fancied Resemblance
Because of a fancied resemblance to a suckling pig, this was called "pig iron".
Track Name: Monster Machines
Monster machines; marvels of mechanical Ingenuity. Trainloads of the third basic material, bituminous or soft coal, arrive at the plant where it is converted to coke this takes the place of the charcoal previously used for fuel. After the coal has been crushed it is heated in these huge ovens until the moisture and the volatile matter have been driven off. After various by-products have been extracted from the volatile matter, the gas remaining is used as fuel.
Track Name: Modern Life And Progress
Modern life and progress.
Track Name: Bone And Sinew
Steel: the bone and sinew of our industrial world.
Track Name: There Were Unexpected Results
In time it was discovered that by re-heating the hammered iron it could be worked more easily, but occasionaly the repeated re-heating and hammering produced unexpected results.
Track Name: To Compensate
THe rails are given an artificial curving to compensate for the fact that the head of the rail, being hotter, cools more slowly than the base.
Track Name: The Ore
The ore forming slag.