Taking Photographs And Sticking Them To Yr Eyeballs

by CuSO4

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yr walls are radi(o)ating cold waves of transatlantic fire. on my radio, on my radio, on my radio. reverbs passé as hell, and; this is hell, nor am i out of it. tune yr guitar to the frequency of a tear drop and then push a pound of raw beef thru a meat grinder and eat the raw, visceral mound that piles up on the floor beneath. The great POET was opposed to tape recording; he was supposed to record his life story; so it goes, on my radio. 'reality is an illusion' is a misunderstanding of the subjectivity of reality, [i]really[/i]. Everything is co-opted; people use that word every day... everything, i mean.

take photographs and stick them to yr eyeballs, then you won't ever be able to (have to) look at them. mayn't one have a little fun?

I could have been a could have been a could have been a .... learn movie quotes by watching the movies that quote them; better yet, learn movie quotes by passively consuming things which are justified by the fact they make knowing, esoteric pop culture references just obvious enough to be noticed.

if there's a new clear war then this will be looked at by historians and sociologists as an example of the
by then pre-modern mindset. ()()()()


released April 13, 2013

music: a.mcdonald